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Facebook marketing and its role in Business

Marketing is probably one of the major building blocks when it comes to forming a business. Advertising, digital reach, following up the trends that target audiences follow is one of the most adrenaline boosting experiences that professionals go through when in the field. You can always figure out a strategy to make the product work. But, it is the marketing team that makes it known to the audience who is drawn such that the sales numbers shoot up and the company makes profit.

But is marketing limited just to those hoardings and advertisements?

Will marketing never grow out of your T.V into something that is more tangible or easily accessible by people?
Is product placement in a wide spread commercial the only way to make it known?
Well, that is when digital marketing comes into effect. It is one of the latest and trendier ways to reach to a customer who needs your products. And what better than social media giant, Facebook, to make it known.

Why is digital marketing essential?

Announcements, news-letters, events, invites, and so much more can be working for you when you take up Facebook as your digital marketing medium. Marketing always runs on a strict budget. Just because your business is new, doesn’t mean that the marketing budget has to be bigger than your estimated turnover for a current year.

How is Facebook important? What are the benefits that you get?

As a digital marketing channelFacebook sponsored posts are paid, but affordable and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The return if investment is sure to be bigger given that the reach is for a close to more a billion people across the world. But why Facebook is touted to be the greatest digital marketing channel? Why is it better than others? Well, we will find out.

1. It has a customer centric filter

All of us are aware of how our digital footprint impacts the generic feed on the page. Facebook focuses on building customer centric advertisements. There is a specific Custom Audience tool which allows the marketing teams to analyse and approach customers who are the probably going to be future customers. Identifying a strong base helps you amplify your numbers to a good point which is always desirable.

2. You have a great exposure at an affordable price

You need your product to reach an audience who would be interested in buying them. The users are active, the channel is widespread, the cost of showcasing your product is next to negligible, and moreover, it is cheaper than Google. When you have a plethora of options working for you already, why would you want to move to an expensive platform which has a skip button added to it?

3. Brand Awareness needs to work in your favour

PR needs to be managed and how. You need a brand reputation that works out in your favour. It helps those customers build the trust quotient which is essential for them to have a reason to keep coming back. You need customers who are loyal. This helps them spread the word among their peers who are potential customers for you whom you wouldn’t want to miss.

4. Feedback as you sell

You need to know how your product fairs. This demands that you undertake multiple surveys and feedback strategies which will help you asses where you stand. A positive feedback helps you optimize your marketing strategy. If it swings the other way, you need to optimize your product. Either way, Facebook is probably one of the quickest way to get that up in your bucket.


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