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How to Analysis our competitors Business?

How to Analysis our competitors Business?
When you go for competition analysis on social media, you only find out how gory and brutal it can get. Every business is trying to be the best and the shark in their own area. As a noob on the block or as a new firm which is just adopting the digital marketing strategy, it is important that you do a SWOT analysis to understand what is going to work for you and what not. That is important from a strategic point of view. Get it wrong and you are doomed for failure. So, how do businesses analyse their competition?Competition analysis is meant to make you aware of what is going on it the market. What is trending, what is failing, what customers are attracted to, what customers shun at the drop of the hat, so on and so forth. When you are venturing into digital marketing competition analysis, the first thing you do is website audit. Website audit is basically a process which explains how the website is performing. Has it got a good traffic? Is it app…

Importance of content for SEO

Whenever you go to that browser and start looking for information, doesn’t the search result throw up multiple links which are descriptive, have a proper explanation and absolutely on point information that you have been looking for? The importance of SEO in terms of content is huge and it cannot be kept aside. Content and SEO cannot be mutually exclusive. It is the need of the hour that your content is SEO optimized. But have you ever thought of doing that the other way around?
SEO content is writing content in such a way that the search engines pick it up first. It has to be dynamic, engaging, relevant to the title that you have provided, so on and so forth. Keyword related searches are gaining traction because honestly, no one wants to type full sentences anymore. Auto predictive texts make it even complex. Therefore, you have keywords as your primary source which can be strategically placed all over the content such that your content is easier to find, by bots and huma…