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Google Analytic Role In Business

Google launched the web analytics service in 2005 that helps people track thewebsite trafficand report it. It is effective for theSearch Engine Optimizationas it helps in determining the success or failure of a strategy. It is the popularweb analytics serviceon the internet, which has two main variations; Google Analytics 360 (earlier known as Google Analytics Premium) that is useful for the enterprise users as they can subscribe it as per their requirement.Google Analytics forMobile Appsis integral to gather the usage data from the Android and iOS applications. The Google Analytics will aid in collecting, processing, and analyzing the internet data. The reported data will help understand the web usage that will help in determining strategies tooptimize the website. It is the popular analytical tool and website metrics that can track and report the traffic of a website. It assists in monitoring important statistics and information to determine the online presence of a website. Benefits…

How we can Improve your website rank?

How we can Improve your website rank?The Google search engine implements different methods to find the pages that come in the top rankings in the search results. The Google changes its algorithm frequently to provide the best results to the user, so the exact formula to reach the top rankings is a secret. The business website can adopt the diverse SEO (Search Engine Optimization)techniques to improve the ranks in the search engine results. Improving the website rankings is not a quick process as it requires time, effort, and good strategies to get results. A shortcut can provide quick results, but it is not long-lasting as the Google algorithm can figure it out and change the algorithm completely. It will result in your website ranks plummeting, which will have adverse effects on your business. At Page Rank Solutionswe implement the following strategies that take effort and time, but provide long-lasting results;
Attractive Design
An attractive design with well-organized pag…

SEO tips for video submission on YouTube

SEO tips for video submission on YouTubeYouTube is considered as the second largest search engine after Google, it produces approximately 92 billion page view every month which also gives vast traffic to various blogs and websites, and every minute about 35 hours of video are uploaded. However, uploading a video is not sufficient enough to get views on YouTube unless it is of a big brand or celebrity video. Here some important SEO tips for video submission on YouTubeTitle of the video – Use Keywords The name of your video is the Video title through the help of which one can know that what the video is all about, having a title which matches to your video content perfectly will be very friendly to the YouTube algorithm for SEO apart for being viewer friendly. Give a suitable title to your video here is the ways by which you can get SEO optimizes title for the video. Put your video title according to the keyword by taking advantage of YouTube search auto complete Keyword Research for YouT…